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TitleEmbrace the Ocean

Genre:Ocean, Nature, Environment

Running Time:75min

Director:Lisa Hui-jun,WU

Producer:Lisa Hui-jun,WU

Key Cast: two elementary schools ,    diving fisherwomen and fishermen

Production Company:Lisa Hui-jun,WU

Year & Month of Completion:Jul. 2016

Festivals & Awards:

Accolade Global Film Competition09/ 2016

Humanitarian Honorable Mention 02/2017



Embrace the Ocean tells stories about marine culture, ecology and environmental conservation, with

images from the Northeastern coast as its theme, and with humans, incidents, history, location and things

as its background.


This documentary can be divided into two parts. The first half is about marine culture, introducing us to some veteran diving fisherwomen and fishermen in their 60s to 80s collecting agar,

and two elementary schools working for marine education and holding a diving graduation ceremony

annually for their kids to challenge themselves and be closer to the ocean. And the second half is about

some coastal rock face near Cape Longdong waiting to be registered as a world geological park, a 90-

year-old doctor still in practice in one of these remote towns, and the rise and fall of the Taiwanese

abalone aquaculture along the Northeastern coast.


Director’s Statement:

Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean. We’re indeed a “nation of ocean”. What a blessing! In order to

share the beautiful resources forever, we should promote the marine education, reduce the

human damages, and link the ocean to our daily lives, worshipping gods, protecting lands and

loving people with a marine cultural thinking. The ocean nourishes the sky. The sky nourishes the

land. And the land nourishes the whole creation. Let us respect Nature, coexist with all living

things, and plan for a sustainable future.



Lisa Hui-jun,WU

Graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of National Taipei Institute of Technology

and Department of Life Science and Humanities of National Open University


Work Experience:


20 years of work experience in the industrial, business and humanities areas

A human culture observer (“Taiwan Up At Record”)

A volunteer docent for Cultural Affairs Department of New Taipei City Government and an

ecotourism interpreter for Tourism Bureau from the year 2000 to present


Works Published:


Aodi - The Hometown That I’ve Missed”, published in 2003


Aodiwu Channel” on YouTube from 2006 to present


Line View”, winner of the Landscape Architecture Division in the second Digi Photo Photography




Memory of the Ocean – An Aodi Fisherman for Half A Century”, published in 2010


Let’s Go Again”, winner of the first place in the Micro-film Competition of Taipei Children’s


Recreation Center in 2014


Film Chronology:  Embrace the Ocean, 2016



International Sales Company:

Lisa Hui-jun,WU

Name:Yi Chih Huang






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