2017/10/21 (Sat)  和禾小旅行:水的三態子





[Contact person] Guo Junlin 03-9312141 # 16



e-mail: papatravel@eeft.org.tw



In the past, people's travel habits were "point-to-point" - to the grassroots, but not to pay attention to the scenery before entering the

trail; to the ocean music festival rock and roll, but to create the beach, to support the residents of the "Sungai River "ignorant; often

after Gongliao, do not know here with the patron saint level of the landscape" Tianliao Yang. "

This time, climb trip to the "water of the three state" to the lines to the area of ​​tourism, with everyone to follow the "vibrant water",

"flow of water", "quiet water", know this charm Infinite but always neglected Gongliao water girl!


Activity date 106.10.15 (Sun), 10.21 (Sat) 2 stairs, the upper limit of 20 people / 1 ladder, the full amount so far.

Collection LocationGongliao Railway Station

Activity TargetParents and the general public (the children under the age of 16 are enrolled by their parents), 20 people / 1 ladder,

full of the above.


* Some of the activities of the field stream is slippery, a little challenge, please assess your own fitness status and then participate in the



[Activities cost] activities cost 850 NTD/ person, and partners to enjoy one person with 100 NTD discount.


Fees include: tourism safety insurance, and Wo season flavor meal, course design fees, field and DIY experience consumption, site

maintenance and care, administrative costs and operating income tax, the scene will open invoices. Lecturer fees are supported by the

forest bureau program subsidy support, please participate in activities properly cherish.


The traffic is divided into: (1) self-ride, (2) take the train, in Gongliao train station collection, if you take the train to be arranged by our

co-ride, the other need to pay 50 NTD to drive partners, thank you for your understanding With the match!

Registrationfrom now on open registration, network registration please click me, B fill in the form, (including applicants

themselves) up to 4 people.


Time activity


08: 00-09: 30 Departure (self-driving / Gongliao train station collection)


09: 30-11: 30 Yuanwang pit step on the water [Yuan Wang pit Creek]


11: 30-12: 30 And Wo flavor meal [stone house]


12: 30-14: 00 Visit to talk about stream biology


14: 00-15: 30 Palms Tianliao Yang [Tian Liu Yang]


15: 30-16: 00 And Wo afternoon tea [stone house]


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And Wo small travel: water tricolor (2017-10-15) (registration period of 19.1 days.)

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including "name, contact number, e-mail, emergency contact person, identity card number, date of birth" (personal data only (Please

contact us for the current contact: 3 months will be deleted after the end of the event) (Please be sure to inform the emergency

contact: the application will automatically use the emergency contact person's personal information. You can refer to the personal data

protection law And the relevant laws and regulations to protect their own interests.)

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portrait right

This activity will be carried out. In conjunction with conservation and industrial projects, the implementation of the Forest Service

subsidy will be carried out. Please accept the consent and then decide to participate in the protection of the use of the above


I have read and agreed to use [portrait rights]

Activity date

10/21 (sat)


Please select the day of the day

(1) 09:10 Gongliao train station (train / to be assisted by multiply)

(2) 09:10 Gongliao train station (self-driving)

Are you willing to assist in multiplying?

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Limited to the production class manpower / kitchen utensils, vegetarian only provide pot edge of custard, please be sure to pay attention, thank you! (Please fill in the special status of non-related meat and vegetables)

Meat and vegetables do not bogey

Pot side of the custard


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  https://youtu.be/MUpV_HoVy6s Food education


The location is very nice. Before I attended and small clip.


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